Sankalp goes Online with the Sankalp Store

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November 28, 2019

Sankalp goes Online with the Sankalp Store


It has been a long and eventful journey for Sankalp since the past 10 years, where we have contributed in whatever tiny way we could, to empower women and encourage entrepreneurship. It has been a very interesting decade where we also got to learn a lot from the various talented and creative individuals who came our way. Starting off from the small town of Palakkad, to reaching out to other districts like Kochi, Kottayam, Kozhikode, and Thrissur, Sankalp has definitely been able to carve out its own identity, a fact which we are immensely grateful for.

But now it is definitely time for Sankalp to take another step forward. When we had a team discussion last month and a few questions kept popping up in our minds. If our vision were to empower women and encourage them to be entrepreneurs, and if we also aimed to promote traditional artisans and their works, and helped them source out buyers for their beautiful works, why do we limit ourselves to two days of a physical exhibition? What more can we do to empower people on a regular basis? What can we do to provide customers with quality assured products? In an age where we are all being made aware of huge ecological damages and the impact of unhealthy ways of living, what could we do to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment?

The ‘Sankalp Store‘ was the answer to our questions. We decided to open up an online marketplace where we could bring about an element of feel-good shopping. We would deal in products which are handcrafted, handmade, handwoven, organic, natural, or upcycled. This way, we would be encouraging a whole lot of talented creators who are adept at creating products that help in sustainable living, be it clothing, home decor, cosmetics, accessories, or just about anything that would add quality to our lives.

1st December onwards, we are planning to make an entry into the world of online sale through our FB page, and our Instagram page, In a world of Amazon and Flipkart, we are aware of the huge challenge which lies in front of us in marketing the products of individual women, NGO’s, women’s groups, traditional artisans, etc, but it is just pure determination which has kept us going all these ten years, and it will a determined approach that will keep us going further too. After all, ‘Sankalp’ in Sanskrit means ‘determination’.

You can connect with us at in case you would like to feature your creations through the #SankalpStore.