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November 1, 2018
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April 15, 2019

Art all day – Ann’s Vocation & Weapon!

An artist all day ,every day, Ann Mary Thomas is an illustrator who works with Sankalp events and is also an art columnist at The New Indian Express.

She worked part time as a mehendi designer and later on captured the title of being Kochi’s first helmet artist. She is a self taught artist who wants to prove a point to all those who said that she had to be ordinary. She works with ink, watercolours, and acrylics and her canvas can be anything from paper to ceramics. She wants to work with tile painting and foil art in the future. Among Ann’s achievements are two book covers she designed and illustrated.

For Ann, clinical depression was the greatest hurdle she had to face. Art is a weapon in her ongoing battle against it and helps her stay positive. She vouches for how art can work wonders to enhance one’s mental well being. As the demand and sales for her work grew, so did her self confidence. She now runs an online art store called ‘The Aquarelle Store’.

Ann believes social media helps her career. She considers her family members her best critics. Her first easel was a gift from her husband whose unrelenting support and love pushes her to do better every day. Apart from being an artist, Ann is a prolific reader who also loves photography and dabbles in cooking whenever she can.

Budding artists! Here’s what she has to say to you, “Constant practice works best. Never be insecure about putting your work out there for the world to see. Be ready to learn and explore all the art you can find. Never compare your work with that of others; take it as an opportunity to learn from them too.”

Story credits: Athira Maria, Michelle