Sankalp 'Crafts'n Weaves'

22-23 July 2023, Kochi








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We started off on our exciting journey way back in 2009, with a vision of empowering women and encouraging entrepreneurial activities among them through the various events that we organize. This vision has only strengthened over the ages, and today, as we stand proudly almost a decade later, this quest still stands strong with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

Our ‘Crafts’n Weaves’ series of exhibitions have provided a solid platform for multitudinous of women of all ages to step into the world of creative entrepreneurship and gain a lot of confidence in their capabilities by directly connecting to the target audience.

The ‘Regalia’ series of premium events opens up a gateway to the world of luxury, fashion and style. This exhibition is intended to be a platform for talented designers and craftsmen across the country to promote their exclusive and niche products, and to provide a unique shopping experience to the choicest of customers.

Creativity in whole, is a very potent healer. We, at Sankalp, believes in organising workshops with a view to enhance and improve the creative skills of participants who get to learn directly from experts in related fields on a one to one basis. Ultimately, these could help them in pursuing it as either a career or a hobby.

Armed with an enthusiastic team of young and steadfast professionals, Sankalp assures a personal touch and total satisfaction at each step for vendors, participants as well as customers alike.

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